Swati Sharma’s Fashionably Yours


imageIndian chick-lit, packed with all the colour, relations, food and hang-ups of South Asians, this is a fun, frothy book. Maya, is a likeable, good natured young woman who dreams of making something of herself in media. Aryan has most of the right ingredients–he is good looking, successful, worldly–but I felt that he was too selfish and egotistical at times. I wish he had been gentler and kinder towards Maya.
The dialogue was funny and natural. Anu is a wonderful character and i wanted more of her. Though it’s an interesting, pacey read, I felt that the editing could have been better because sometimes we see each and every action in too much detail. These quibbles apart, this book has much to recommend itself with like the dialogue, characterization, structure and the telling of the tale are all top-notch.
Kudos to the writer for making a simple story so much fun to read and to clothe the chick-lit genre in desi garb so well.

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