An Interview with Reet Singh

I had been wanting to read Reet Singh’s books for ages. I finally got my hands on them a few days back, and read them both in one night! I just couldn’t stop. Her narrative is so fluent, the ups and downs in the plot-line so engaging, the sizzling heroes and the adorable heroines too tempting to give up, even for a night. You can find my reviews here and here

And take it from a huge fan of romance, if you haven’t read Reet’s books, you’re missing out!

I requested Reet to give me some time to get to know her, and so I sent her a few fun questions. She has been most generous with her time, and though I haven’t met her in person, I already think of her as a friend. And this woman can give you quite the inferiority complex. She is a surgeon and an author of three books, and she knits and crochets! Whew! How does she do that? Let’s find out shall we?

Welcome to my blog, Reet. It is so wonderful to have you here. So let’s start with a simple one: who is Reet Singh?

Dear Zeenat, many thanks for sharing your space with me. I am honoured to be here! My love affair with books began when I was a tot. A fabulous mother, who recognized the power of the written word, read to me and my sisters every night, but once we could read on our own, there was no stopping us, or our imaginings! I adore writing about love and happy endings – it is food for my romantic soul.

Hearing from my readers is thrilling.  Do visit my website at to learn more about me; or drop me a line at  If you like my books, I crave to know!

My Amazon author page is

  1. What has the journey of being a writer been like so far?

Such a lovely adventure – I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and hope to carry on in the same vein. The thrills and fears; self-doubt and then the exultation at a great review; new friends, new fans; learning the craft, tricks and tips; meeting wonderful bloggers and writers! Fun! Fun!

  1. What is the toughest part of writing for you?

The discipline – sitting down and writing x number of words every day – I have failed at that. I work best under the duress of deadlines – my imagination and my fingers fairly race then!

  1. Gosh, that’s me too! I just cannot sit down to write every day. Anyway, what other interests do you have apart from reading?

So many things to be passionate about, so little time!

Writing stories, watching romcoms, doing creative things with wool and a crochet hook – even if the tiniest thing takes me eons to complete, I do love crochet. And knitting. Here’s a sample:reet

4. That’s beautiful! You do realize you’re giving a lot of us a very serious complex? Dare I ask, are you a full time                 writer?  If not what else do you do?

Not a full time writer, no, but I am a full time surgeon!

  1. Wonder Woman that you are, does that hinder or help you as a writer?

Some days it helps – so much inspiration at the workplace! I couldn’t resist the lure and wrote ‘The Cure was Love’ last year, where the protagonists were both doctors.

Other times, I wish my life were not so frenetic. I would love to retire to a quiet little place, with a beach or a vinyard close by, where I could write and write and write – twirling my toes in the ocean whenever I felt like it, and sipping the occassional Cabernet!

  1. Yes, the hot surgeon and the Murphy’s Law ridden Simi! Loved that book! So, which authors have inspired you the most?

PG Wodehouse is brilliant. Fabulous plot, twists and turns you wouldn’t believe (but do), witty dialogues, romance, action, family drama  – all the ingredients of a best-seller!

  1. I love P. G. Wodehouse too! Aunt Dahlia is so wonderful. No more gushing, You’re stranded on an island. Which two characters from any books you’ve read would you take with you?

Robinson Crusoe. And Jeeves. Yes, I am practical like that!

  1. Savvy! Now fill in the blanks:

I write because…..the voices in my head tell me I must!

My favourite food is…. Carb-free of late!

Best thing about romance writing is…knowing that there’s bound to be a Happily-Ever-After!

Which song would be suitable for Scorched by his fire/ The cure was love?

What a coincidence – I have alluded to songs in both books!

scorchedIn Scorched: The Bellamy Brothers croon “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body would you hold it against me?’ and Mita melts in Tanay’s arms while they’re dancing, even though they both cordially dislike each other at that stage of the proceedings.

The Cure was Love: Cat Stevens – “Morning has Broken” This song is the sound that Simi wakes up to in the opening scene of The Cure was Love!


If I were an animal I would be….I would be a beaver, but I’d be praying to be re-born a sloth!

My favourite book is…unfair question – so many, so many!

My dream holiday would be…at home, in bed, reading!


  1. Such entertaining answers, Reet! Laughing away. Okay, really look forward to your answer to this one. So, you can live in a book. Which one would you choose?        Alice in Wonderland – Through the Looking Glass                                                                                                                          
  2. Name one iconic woman you’d like to have lunch with?                                                      Zeenat Mahal                                                                                                                                                                          Awww! Thank you so much for the biggest compliment ever! It’s a date, Reet Singh! I’ve been wanting to visit India since forever.

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