The Sunday Observer SL weekly serializes my latest novella

My historical novella, currently called MEHRUNISSA, will be serialized in the Sri Lankan weekly The Sunday Observer from next week. This is the story of the eponymous Anglo-Muslim girl, caught on the cusp of major changes at the turn of the century. The Raj is in full swing in Lahore, WW I is on the horizon, the Khilafat abolished, nationalism is newly awakened and along with it all rage personal trials and vendettas against a matriarch, who will never accept Mehrunissa as her blood. Mehru is a ‘new woman’ and she isn’t going to take it lying down, even if it means a marriage of vengeance to a decidedly handsome man. But Mehru cannot afford to have a susceptible heart. Her goal is revenge and if Jamal is in the line of fire, so be it…

Read the introduction of Mehrunissa in The Sunday Observer SL here

Image of a painting by Abdur Rahman Chughtai. His early work the 1959 painting The Mughal Princess


Bravebird Publishing LLC feature Haveli

A huge thank you to Bravebird Publications for featuring my novellas Haveli and The Contract. Bravebird publications is interested in strong yet feminine women and Chandni a.k.a C., and Shahira are just that kinda gals! Find the feature here

About Bravebird Publishing:

Bravebird is a boutique publishing company interested in women’s fiction. They’re interested in stories of women with courage and strength. They provide author services including cover design, copy editing, story editing and more.


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Publishing success for Faiqa Mansab


As we approach the beginning of the new school year, No Dead White Men welcomes into its fold a new MFA cohort. Today, we have great news from one of our upcoming MFAs, Faiqa Mansab. She tells NDWM:

“I have recently been published under the pseudonym Zeenat Mahal by Indireads, an e-publishing venture that has taken on new writers from South Asia. Indireads itself is new, and is run by Naheed Hassan, a Harvard graduate who wanted to read South Asian romance, chick-lit, mystery and other genres. Two of my romance novellas, Haveli and The Contract, were published this May and can be found on the Indireads website.

Furthermore, Running out of Ink, an online international magazine also published a short romance piece that i wrote as Zeenat Mahal, in their August issue, 2013, The Accidental Fiancee.
I’m also editing for Running out of Ink.
My short story, “The Walled City”, was published by The Missing Slate in June 2013. This was with my name, Faiqa Mansab.”
Many congratulations to Faiqa!

BBC Radio 4 Interview

Umbar Khairi wrote:

“And somewhat unusually in the South Asian context is that a number of Indirom’s romances see divorcees and widowers getting a second chance at love. Author Zeenat Mahal’s The Contract is an example of this. In the story, a divorced school teacher with a young son living in Lahore marries a widower who is the father of one of her students.Neither one is keen on the marriage but it’s a practical decision, a contract, and of course they do eventually fall in love.

Love after marriage

So is romance after marriage typically South Asian? Zeenat Mahal says it is a fairly archetypal theme which “resonates with all kinds of audiences whether in South Asia or the West”.

But she points out that for South Asians, romance after marriage is “even more relevant because that’s what happens to most women – or at least that’s what they like to pretend happens to them, that they fall in love with their husbands!”

Read the rest of the article here:

On facebook page of Running out of Ink

Running out of Ink is an online fiction magazine that features an eclectic array of fiction from all over the world. The editor is Amy Kinmond. This is what Running out of Ink posted today:

One of our editors, Zeenat Mahal, is featured on the homepage of Indireads today. She has two ebooks on the site, as well as an audio clip telling us about herself. She is a brilliant writer and we recommend you take a look.